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Why Make a Song and Dance about Motor Insurance


Why Make a Song and Dance about Car Insurance?


Did you know that your occupation can dramatically affect what you pay to insure your car? Recently released figures reveal that nurses enjoy some of the cheapest premiums in the UK, whereas lap dancers are likely to pay around four times as much!


Racing drivers and professional footballers pay around £1,500 a year, with scrap metal dealers and fun fair workers not far behind them, forking out a whopping £1,300.


As with all statistical data, of course, we need to look at the facts behind the figures. Most nurses do not travel to work in a top of the range Hummer with personalised alloys and blacked out windows, while your average Premier League footballer would not wish to be seen at the wheel of a pastel coloured Fiat 500. Occupations, however, are still a major consideration for insurers when quoting premiums and your job says a lot about what kind of a risk you are. Nurses are generally considered to be a low risk and therefore pay an average of around £250 per year for vehicle insurance.


Police officers (serving and retired), special constables and police staff (as well as their partners) are a very low risk to insurers. As a general rule they do not drink and drive, they have few accidents and they do not make fraudulent claims. So surely, as a member of this group of professionals, you should be able to benefit from the cheapest insurance deals available. Well, now you can !


Police Insure specialises in offering heavily discounted car and motorcycle insurance to members of the police family. Premiums can be as much as 40% cheaper than the best deal you can find on a comparison website. Payments can be spread over the year, making your cover even more affordable.


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