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Green Shoots!

Britain's economy showed encouraging signs of renewed health during February, March and April this year  prompting financial experts to whisper that recovery may be underway. After narrowly avoiding a potentially catastrophic triple-dip recession, the country's output rose by 0.8% - the best performance since last year's London Olympics.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research predicted that the economy will not match its 2008 peak until 2015, but the figures do suggest a significant move in the right direction. The manufacturing industry has perfomed well during the early part of the year and many believe that this could be the precursor to full blown recovery. While it is still far too early to get out the bunting and crack open the Champagne, there is genuine cause for optimism and a faint glimmer of light at the end of the ecomonic tunnel.

A key factor in economic recovery is comsumer confidence and the propensity to spend. If the Britsh public moves from saving to spending then the cycle of growth can develop the momentum it needs to fuel the fire. 

So how does all of this effect you? Well, maybe you are feeling sufficiently confident to make one or two of those purchases which you put off from last year. Perhaps you can be tempted by one of the many offers of good deals on a new car. If so, then you will want an equally good deal on your insurance. If you are a member of the Police Family then you need look no further than Police Insure for all your insurance needs. 

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