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Comparison Websites - Independent?

Price comparison websites were last week accused of letting down customers by being more interested in earning commission than in offering sound financial advice. Four in five potential customers visit these sites in the belief that the guidance on offer is impartial, not realising that the website operators receive up to £1billion a year in fees from a variety of grateful service providers.


Leading names such as MoneySupermarket, Gocompare and Comparthemarket collect millions of pounds from banks, as well as companies selling savings accounts, loans, energy, phone services and insurance. Financial experts claim that the sites guide customers towards those companies which pay a commission, rather than the best value services. Independent website Candid Money warns that consumers routinely lose out by hundreds of pounds by accepting the advice given. Candid Money's Justin Modray last week commented 'Many customers think that comparison websites are independent - what they don't always realise is that these sites pocket big sums via sales commissions.'


In the light of the concerns voiced by a number of influential organisations and individuals, the new watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority, has announced plans to investigate how price comparison websites operate. In the meantime, however, the sites continue to prove popular with the public, many of whom remain unaware that there are likely to be better deals available to them.


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Written by David Griffin at 00:00